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Affinity Publisher: Changing font in Master --> how to update layout pages without loosing copy text?

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I changed the font of some text fields in the master (the whole field, not inside the field). My document has already 16 pages, all referring to this master, but the copy text was already inserted. Now I changed the font in the master, and thought that the font change will affect all layout pages (at least those where I did not explicitly change the font within the text field). But this did not work.

If I re-apply the master, all my copy text in the 16 pages is set back to the text of the master!

Am I missing something?

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You should probably be setting up your text frames on the Master page using a Paragraph Text Style, not simply by specifying the font name. Then you could change the definition of that Text Style and all the text with that style would change.

At this point, I think I would:

  1. Create a new document.
  2. Select the text from the existing document, copy it, and paste it into the new document.
  3. Reapply the Master Page to your document pages in the existing document.
  4. Delete the text in the existing document, and then select/copy/paste the text back into it from the new document.

Serif plans to make some improvements to the process of reapplying Master Pages, but I don't think they've said what those improvements will be.

-- Walt

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This sounds reasonable! I really should look into text styles. They seemed a bit weird to me (from what I knew from Designer, compared to the clearness of Corel Draw), so I had postponed dealing with them ;-)


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