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Gradient Map terribly off-color when using CMYK values

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Hi there,

Here's some really odd behavior that I just noticed after I added a Gradient Map Adjustment: I pick a gradient node, switch the color picker to CMYK and play around with the sliders. What happens next is that the color of the node is completely different from the color in the color picker. Please see the attached screenshot for an example:


I first thought it has something to do with my color management settings, but it hasn't because it only happens with the Gradient Map adjustment. In all other gradient dialogs, for example Fill or the Gradient Overlay Layer Effect, everything's fine. It also doesn't matter what Color Profile is set for the document. This happens in the latest versions of all three Affinity apps.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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  • Staff

Hi kaffeeundsalz :)

Thanks for your report, I've been able to replicate this here and I can confirm it affects Mac only. I've tried changing from Metal Compute to Open GL, however this hasn't alleviated this issue.

I'll get this logged with our development team now, many thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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Unfortunately I am still experiencing this painfully persisting problem (MAC, Publisher 1.10.5):

Something with the gradient map in cmyk is not working, especially in the blues and greens. It makes some basic graphic design moves impossible:

The bar on top of the typo should 100% match the background-black in the dark areas, but it's completely shifted to the blue. It's so frustrating and at best, time-consuming if not impossible to find different solution.



Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 12.22.40.png

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There is a somewhat effortful workaround I found for matching my blacks to a predefined rich black (lets say 60/40/40/100).

+ You've to start with a K-only image or use the black-and white adjustment layer.

+ Then you can use the Channel Mixer and give each colour the desired value on the "black" slider. So for Cyan the output channel would be 0/0/0/60. For Magenta it would be 0/0/0/40, etc, etc, etc

You can see in the picture that the second rectangle merges now into the background. It solves my specific problem, I hate it though!


Otherwise LOVE the programs :)



Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 13.25.06.png

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  • Staff

Hi @hannah,

Many thanks for the update & I'm sorry to hear you're affected by this issue.

I can confirm this is logged with our development team as a bug, so I will be sure to 'bump' this with them now & add the above provided information regarding the Channel Mixer workaround, to hopefully assist in the issue being resolved ASAP

I hope this helps :)

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