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We found that Affinity Designer has some serious problems with EPS files. Many parts of the vector end up pix-elated!

We found a workaround; we opened the EPS files in Adobe illustrator, then saved it as an AI file. When we open the AI file in Affinity Designer the file has no issues!

Thanks for looking into it!



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Hi Koen,

I have opened your EPS and can confirm that the top layer of the heart is pixel layer. Beneath layers are vectors. The rest of the EPS is complete vector as well. Is this right?

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Hi Education for Live,

Thanks for the file. The issue here is that the original EPS is an Illustrator formatted EPS file which means it contains two streams of data: Regular EPS data and an Embedded AI file. What this means is that when Illustrator opens the EPS it will read the Illustrator stream showing the file exactly as it was saved when created in Illustrator. 

However there will be Illustrator elements in the file that aren't compatible with EPS (for example Mesh Fills) and will get rasterised into pixel data in the EPS stream, when saved. But when opened in AI they appear correctly as vector objects because it is using the AI stream.

When the EPS file is opened in Affinity we are unable to read the AI stream and instead have to open the EPS stream with the rasterised data.

As such this isn't a bug, just an annoyance on how Illustrator exports EPS files! Hope that help

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