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Sheet of simple jigsaw pieces

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I recently read about someone paying to get some simple jigsaw artwork and thought it was a shame they had to do that, so I decided to create some shapes that could be usable for free.
Attached is a sheet of jigsaw shapes that are customisable (compound layers, just adjust as necessary) and should fit to any regular grid (after proportionally resizing the shapes).
Apologies for the terrible names of the layers but I think it’s fairly easy to figure out which one is which.
I’ve also attached some images showing:
1. The basic shape sheet.
2. A simple use of coloured shapes.
3. A more ‘artistic’ use with 3D and embossing.
The shapes are usable in all Affinity applications: Designer, Photo and Publisher.
You can use these shapes for anything you want, entirely for free, without restriction or attribution.

basic jigsaw pieces.afdesign




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You’re welcome.
I think it’s worth noting that you can adjust either the “Inny-up” or “Outy-up” shapes to create other pieces that don’t already exist by changing the geometry mode of some layers or switching some compounded layers off. (These two shapes are exactly the same but one has been rotated by 90 degrees.)
This attached GIF shows some quick examples.


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Hi @GarryP .  This is really nice, but I am trying to fill the puzzle shapes with images, with zero success.   Is that possible, and if so, how do the puzzle pieces differ from other shapes (which I know how to fill)?  I am obviously doing something wrong.

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Thanks jmwellborn.
I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong; it looks like it’s something to do with how the software processes Compounds.
As far as I can tell, an object placed in a Compound is temporarily ‘converted’ to just its shape. This means that the outline/fill/image/etc. are stripped away leaving just the vectors that make up the shape.
So, when you try to place a rectangular image inside one of the jigsaw pieces, that rectangular image is ‘converted’ (albeit temporarily) into just a rectangle with no other features. In other words, while something is in a Compound it’s just a shape and nothing else.
This sounds sensible as, otherwise, a Compound could have all kinds of colour and contents which would be confusing.
However, you can place an image inside a jigsaw piece by converting the piece to curves.
Therefore, to make a full jigsaw sheet:
* get the pieces as you want them;
* convert them all to curves (can be done en masse);
* place your image at the top of the stack;
* duplicate the image as many times as you have pieces;
* drop an image inside each piece.
My attached image shows one example.
I hope this helps.


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Adding single image in one go:

  1. Ctrl+A>convert to curves>Ctrl+A>group
  2. Select the group object in the layers panel.
  3. Select fill tool(G)>bitmap>choose your bitmap with setting wrap and lock aspect ratio
  4. This will look repeated but;
  5. Move just one of the handles of the bitmap fill a bit.
  6. Fit and Rotate to your liking
  7. Ctrl+clicking a child of the group, you can move/rotate it or edit further.
  8. Or simply ungroup the whole puzzle and you have separate pieces.

To replace the image of the puzzle:

Place all pieces back together and group them back together(if ungrouped) and repeat the above 2-8 steps.


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