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What prevents me from switching - Canvas/Crop/Trim

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I make assets for the web and mobile apps. I do not make my assets on a giant artboard. When you have a ton of images performance suffers, layers get janky, and all your eggs are in the one file. Slicing is time consuming. I want a single file that I can just export and be done. 


My A.D. usage = 60% of my work; PS + FW + AI = 40% -  I'd love to be 100% A.D. because they've done a great job with it and I love it.



I want to be able set the canvas size with ease. To do this the A.D. needs the following...



  1. Visual crop tool - There is currently no way to crop that I could find other than to adjust the numbers... this is too hard.
  2. Trim Command - I could not find this one either.  
  3. Auto-canvas size based on clipboard - Canvas size should look at clipboard and default to that size (cmd+n ... return ... cmd+v ... and I'm editing in PhotoShop)

If you agree that this should be on the roadmap, like the post.. if not what am I missing?


Thanks and keep up the great work!!!


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  • Staff

Hi dangerman2000,

Thanks for your feedback.

In the latest Beta there's already an option to create a new document from the clipboard content (File ▹ New From Clipboard). This will be available in the next Mac App Store update.

I believe the trim command (already available in Photo) will also be ported over to Designer at some point.

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