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Affinity Suite Touch Interface For Windows Tablet PCs

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I just got through perusing through a bunch of new videos surrounding this most recent Microsoft hardware event. It's all good stuff. The Surface Pro X looks pretty neat, even if I am still a bit iffy on an Arm based Windows PC running some apps through emulation. The one thing that caught my eye was Adobe's unveiling of Adobe Fresco for Win tablets, complete with a touch-centric interface.

It's not really the app itself that caught my attention. It's that it's being ported over to Win10 with its touch-centric interface intact that got me excited. Now, I had a Surface Pro 4 for a couple of years, and thought it was a decent machine. Decent, mind. Not grand. The one thing that kept me from absolutely loving it is that traditional desktop applications, which make up the vast majority of apps on a Windows tablet are, to put it mildly, clumsy as hell when using a touch interface. It just wasn't fun at all.

Now given that Adobe is now tooling their software around the touch nature of the Surface line somewhat, including rumors of them maybe possibly bringing Photoshop's up and coming iPad interface to Windows PCs here in the not too distant future, wouldn't it be wise for Serif to possibly attempt the same? I know you all use Surfaces devices in your offices. I've seen the videos. Don't you think it'd be wise to take full advantage of what the Surfaces, and by extension all the other Windows tablets, have to offer?

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