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Daniel Gibert

[Resolved] hyphenation broken again, seriously bad on all suite

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This is an old error coming back from the death with yesterday updates.

Activating hyphenation breaks paragraphs. Checked with different languages.

Just now it makes the three apps unusable. Very serious as it affects all my ongoing works.

Procedure: make a paragraph, justify alignment, activate hyphenation. ARRRRGH!!!!!

(updated: also happens in other alignments, different on each aligment)

Using all there 1.7.3 versions. It happens on the three apps. - MacOs 10.14.6 with Spanish as main language.


bad hyphenation.afpub

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Thanks people. I’ll check later.

i think that this is my fault due to interpreting incorrectly the Spanish translation of the no break setting in character pane, is translated as separar, very similar to indesign option for enabling hyphenation, also in its character pane

thanks a lot and sorry for the alarm and terror. Will report the outcome.

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I confess that it was indeed my fault. I got confused with my InDesign brain muscle-memory and a little misconception from the Spanish localization. Sorry for bother you with this. Me bad. My brain was completely off.

Thanks for helping me to see what was obvious. I made an error and was so obfuscated that i can't get out of it.

Big hug for all of you.

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