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Is there any way to disable the double-click zoom to 100%? I generally use my mouse to zoom, and I'm finding that I try to zoom in quickly and accidentally get zoomed to 100%.


Also, it seems like there should be a keyboard + mouse combination shortcut to zoom to 100%, rather than taking over the default mouse behavior.  For instance, maybe holding down shift+z and clicking with the mouse.



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Where are you double-clicking to zoom to 100%? As far as i know there's no way to do that...


I press the 'Z' key for zoom, then zoom with the mouse by clicking.  If I double-click, I get zoomed to 100%.  Sometimes, if I try zooming in too quickly by mouse-clicking, Affinity thinks I'm double clicking, and therefore zooms me to 100%.


After searching for this problem, I found this post about the zoom 'feature'. (search "double-click")


I'm aware of they keyboard shortcuts for zooming, but for me it's quicker to zoom with the mouse so I don't have to put both hands on the keyboard.

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The Mac App Store version (1.2.1) of Affinity Designer would let you zoom to 100% if you double click in the Zoom Tool. This was removed in the Affinity Designer Beta versions. There will be an update to the Mac App Store version in the very near future and it will remove the functionality too, so you could either grab the Beta version, or just wait a little and the problem will be resolved by the App Store update :)

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