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Bug: "Invisible colour"

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Again AP beta

I'm not quite sure how I achieved this (probably with brush and Alt + clicking) but suddenly I could not paint with brush. The cursor was moving but it was not leaving any trace. The strange thing was that I could see it IS doing something because layer miniature in Layers panel was changing its size. The app knew the modified area is getting bigger so the miniature was virtually getting smaller.

Fortunately (ahem) the problem got saved to the file too so I was able to identify it.

It was caused by "invisible ink". The selected colour seemed to be white (no red slash) but it reported it was set to zeros. When I changed the colour the problem disappeared.


EDIT: I suppose it's not the first time it happened to me but previously I could not figure out what's going on and I restarted AP. It usually helped.

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Hi Gunny,

I'm really not sure how this has happened. I've been trying for a good 20 minutes and I cannot reproduce it :( I can see from the screenshot what's wrong but I just cannot get my app into the same state. Any clues about a recipe?

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3 hours ago, Chris B said:

Any clues about a recipe?

Sorry Chris,

the only clue I got is that I was experimenting with masks before it happened. I'll try to examine it more...

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Well, that was quite simple... =)

All I had to do was to create a new document with transparent background and take its colour. (Alt+click or eyedropper)

I suppose the empty pixel really does include ARGB data of 00000000 but it does not really makes sense to set such colour for painting with bitmap brush.

The completely transparent colour is useful only for vector stuff but as far as I can see you use the value of 00808080 for that so I suppose the value of 00000000 should be automatically changed to 00808080. Otherwise it's rather confusing.






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By the way, the way the transparent colours are displayed on the Colour panel (the circles) is not really helping. I think that checker board background instead of solid white would help distinguishing between ffffffff and 00000000.

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