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Design Made in Brazil - EvoSign Criação

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Hello friends!
I'm new here, but as I saw this very interesting area forum, resovi post some of my work as a graphic designer.

My name is Leandro Mello Fernandes, I am a graphic designer for 15 years and I live in Brazil.

I'm beginning to use the tools of Affinity and adapting me very well to tha. 

Thank you all!


P.S. Sorry for my bad English. =)











¬ MacBook Pro i5 2.5Ghz | LED 13.3" | 16GB RAM | 240Gb SSD CORSAIR Force GT | Caddy 500Gb HD | MAC OS X 10.11

¬ MacBook Air C2D 1.6Ghz | LED 13.3" | Cache 4Mb | 2GB RAM | 60Gb HD | MAC OS X 10.7.5



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Nice design and art work. 


OS X Version 10.14.4 iMac 27" 3.2 GHz Intel i5 16 GB 1867 MHz DDR3  Huion Kamvas Pro 20

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