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Quick and cheerful photo repairs

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Ok so my mum asked me to fix some photo's to put into new frames on her photo wall. They had all been trimmed in the past to fit oval place holders. One of the photos had a face obscured by a shadow......here we go.


1. The shadow of a tree is blocking my face (one on the left).



I duplicated the layer, removed everything except my face from the new layer. Brightened the layer a lot, and the blended it into the base layer.



2. With this one i needed to fill in the blank areas and restore the photo.



The clone tool was used to fill the edges, and i adjusted the contrast. I could have used the clone tool to repair the scratches but went to Snapheal for speed.



Back to affinity photo and i used layers and the selection brush tool to fill areas with some colour. These were then blended using Multiply and an opacity of around 20-30%



.....with more time i would have tidied things up a bit, oh the joys of a paid job and kids to keep me busy.


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