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Hi Publisher team,

I'm facing the problem that I can't set the distance from text as exactly as I'd like to. That applies to images as well as rectangles. (I haven't tried circles and other objects but believe that this is a general issue.)

Details: I place an image inside my document. Next I draw a text frame and type some Lorem ipsum etc. Then I let this text frame snap to the bottom of the image so that the top of the text frame is attached to the bottom of the image. Now comes the mystery: I select the image and chose a text wrap with the wrap style 'Jump' or 'Square' and set the distance from text to 1 mm from the bottom. Instead of moving the text 1 mm down the text jumps down 1 line. I understand that it makes sense when an image is placed inside running text. But when the text starts under the image, it would be nice when I could control the distance between image and text as seen in the dialog.

My work-around right now is to set the 'Space Before Paragraph' to the delighted distance and set 'Use Space Before' to the column-top-option. That's fine for me, but it would be more logical if I could do it the other way, too.

Nevertheless Publisher is a great software and I don't miss InDesign at all. Thanks, folks!




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True, this is a strange feature (or a bug?), or then there is some snapping going on without an obvious setting (I at least ensured that there is no baseline snapping, nor baseline grid turned on)

Another workaround would be removing the text wrap from the image, and add 1 mm inset at the top of the caption text frame.

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Yes, very interesting. By the way, @Lagarto, if one enables using the Baseline Grid the text moves closer to the image. About 2mm rather than the 4mm it has without the Baseline, I think. Still more than requested.

-- Walt

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Yes, I noticed this, too, and at first thought that turning on/off the baseline within the text frame was confused (so that the gap beyond the wrap amount could have been explained by snapping to the baseline). But this is actually a third way to avoid the wrap anomaly, and specify the distance of the text from the top of the frame (i.e., turning on text frame specific baseline and specify the line spacing a bit bigger than the point size, and making sure the paragraph attrobute for baseline grid is turned on)..

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Ok, thanks. The parallel behavior can be seen when aligining a bottom-aligned text frame on top of an object that wraps around (but not if the text frame is top-aligned). A bit odd behavior but probably related to guaranteeing lee-way for handling text related formatting within the leading, disregarding the actual measurements. Not a problem because the same effect can easily be achieved with other methods.

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On 9/25/2019 at 11:02 PM, Jon P said:

This is intentional behavior, it isn't related to baseline grid or snapping.

Excuse my bluntness, but this isn't a very helpful response. It doesn't help us understand what logic the program uses to determine the actual 'distance from text', nor Affinity's rationale for making it behave this way. Could someone from Affinity please explain how it is supposed to work so we can understand this unusual behaviour?

Background: I'm an InDesign user since version 1, and Quark Xpress user before that. When I turn off baseline grid snapping, I expect text wrap to do exactly what I tell it to do—set text the distance I specify from the object, not jump to some imaginary grid based on leading or something else.

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