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Text as Curves doesn't work when exporting to PDF

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Hi, I design calendars and so far everything was great. Text and other vector elements were exported to PDF as curves.

Today I used an adjustment layer over a raster image and also created a pixel mask (if that's the correct title) in Pixel persona over a text layer. After that, each exported PDF has all its text rasterized as well. I double-checked to have "Text as Curves" option on. Since I didn't use masks nor adjustment layers before, I'm guessing it has something to do with that. What's the correct way to fix this?

Please help, I'm panicking :)

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Not knowing yet what pixel mask in detail you applied to your text - just some thoughts:

The Pixel and the Designer Persona differ by pixel (as a "stony/grainy" raster element) and vector (as kind of "elastic/liquid" element without resolution).

"Text as Curves" is meant as an opposite to "Text as editable characters", not to "Pixel". A curved text combines just shapes which have the form of letters, like a rectangle looks like the letter 'l', an 'i' is a rectangle + circle or a torus appears as an 'o'. So "Text as Curves" is no warranty against pixel but rather against text content manipulation. (Wheras curved text mainly is used for specific design- or production processes.)

– Different PDF versions treat transparency differently. Transparency here means every kind of design which visually merges the appearance of objects (layers). The PDF version determines whether the transparency will persist as layers + setting information (and remain editable) or whether the elements involved will be calculated to a result image (which will be rasterized). The higher the PDF version number, the greater the ability of these PDFs to maintain transparency as non-rasterized. So, on PDF export you can influence the grade of rasterizing ("flattening") with according settings, for some you can not prevent.

macOS 10.12.6,  Macbook Pro 15" + Eizo 24"

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Thank you both for your replies! thomaso was right - it was about transparency beacause Adjustment Layer/Layer Effect was considered as something transparent and that's why the text was rasterized. I managed to overcome this by:

1) selecting both Background image and Adjustment Layer
2) creating a group of the two
3) merging the group

Ps: as Fixx said, vector masks need to be applied to text layers if you don't want them to become rasterized.

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