I am sure such lists do exist at several spots in the net, some of them posted by any forums users, others on professional sites. Concerning tools as apps there are tests around on particular design, photo or DTP related sites, some of them are magazines, too. For a search you could distinguish between "edit" (combining items) and "develope" (raw).
Also it might be useful to distinguish between "image processing" in general and any use of "software, tool or feature". This book has very rich and detailed content about general image data aspects, developing and printing:
"The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook – From Import to Output" from Steinmueller/Gulbins, 520 pgs.
http://www.outbackphoto.com/CONTENT_2007_01/section_news/DOP_Ebooks/dop2010_03/DOP2010_3_Demo_a.pdf A much smaller book is here as two pdfs: