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Designer - Why are shapes changing my fill color when I draw them?

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Hi mediumcheese :)

When drawing Quick Shapes in Affinity the app will always use the settings from the last created object by default. You can reset the object back to default before drawing, and then apply your fill - this is done by selecting the Revert Defaults option on the top toolbar - image.png

However the behaviour I'm seeing in your video doesn't look correct to me, as you have deselected the previous object and redefined the new colour via the context toolbar/colour studio, meaning the object should be using this colour.

Could you confirm for me, are you using Swatches in your design? Have any of these swatches been duplicated?

Could you please try drawing a rectangle, de-selecting it (Esc), then open the Colour Studio and change the colour and try drawing a rectangle again. Does this still use your gradient fill?



I've just seen in your video you have a previous object selected, meaning the fill options you're seeing will be for this object, not the object you're drawing. Hence when you draw the new rectangle it uses the previous gradient fill. Please make sure you have deselected all before defining a colour for the next object you draw. I hope this helps! :)

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