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Argle Bargle

Problem printing Thai diacritics

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The problem is pretty obvious when I go to print. I have a custom keyboard layout and I documented it using designer. Both Thai and European diacritical marks appear on the screen correctly. I'm trying to enter them in this message, but apparently the forum software is cringing at letting me enter them. I am referring to all of these: https://www.compart.com/en/unicode/bidiclass/NSM. Here's a screen cap of the European: https://i.imgur.com/bHHJQP1.png By comparison, here is Thai: https://i.imgur.com/UHV12gR.png

Those are all correct on screen. But when I go to print those things, the European diacritics print properly, the Thai do not. Here is the printing of the previous European example: https://i.imgur.com/oqYYUEp.png and here is the Thai https://i.imgur.com/MNuhSrJ.png

Actual file attached.

keyboard layouts.afdesign

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Hi Argle Bargle,

Thank you very much for the document. I've reproduced the issue and will get it passed on to development. In the meantime you can print the document correctly by ticking the 'Rasterize Entire Page' under the Rasterization category of the Print Dialog.

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