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My awesome employer switched us all over to Box Drive from Box Sync without telling us. Apparently this switch hosed a bunch of files (files no longer local, internal links broken, unrecognized files types, fun.) 

Some (not all) Affinity files cannot be opened. I get an error that the file type is not supported. To remove Box from the problem I moved the problem files to a local folder, but no change.

Any thoughs? Could I have created these with a beta version? (Currently running 1.7.2)

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 7.53.42 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 7.53.25 AM.png

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Hi befehr,

Can you upload one of the documents thats not opening to our Dropbox here and i'll see if there's anything we can do but due to the very small size of that file, i very much doubt there will be anything we can to do recover it :(  Do you happen to have backups of these files, as you may need to use them instead.

Also, one thing to try,  if the Box Sync has a web interface, you can try downloading the file via that and then try opening it.  I have seen it before where downloading things from Cloud apps can cause issues.  This is one reason why we don't advise working directly from the Cloud or saving directly to a cloud.  It's best to work and save locally and then move the file to a Cloud drive. 

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Thanks stokerg. Unfortunately, I had no choice with the cloud thing. All worked fine with Box Sync (those were local files) but when they switched us over to Drive it moved all of our files on our local drives to Box cloud. My first reaction was to download everything to a non-syncing folder but Box Drive has limitation to how many files you can download at a time. It has been a painful process.

I do have everything backed up to time machine so I guess that will be my next step. I just wondered if there was something you may know that might help in the situation. Especially when I call our support desk and complain. :-)


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