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line spacing in AP (and AD)

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I had a billboard job where I decided to try Photo to do the layout, as the vendor wanted a PSD file. Really fast, and much easier to do than in PhotoShop.

Although the key commands for adjusting line spacing (called Paragraph Spacing in the Text menu) is <opt><up arrow><down arrow>, they would not move the text at all. Seems to also happen in Designer as well. Works fine in Publisher,  however.

Unless I've missed something, manually typing a value is far less efficient than using the key command. Any ideas?

I've posted this in the Designer forum as well. Thanks!

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I began to do a video, with new docs on all Affinity products, and the key command works fine....so now I was really wondering...

So I went back to my original doc in Affinity Photo, and found I had a value of 30 in the Character/Positioning and Transform/Leading Override. Once I changed the value to Auto, I was able to use the Key Command. So it appears that locks in any leading without begin able to adjust it. Looks like user error on my part. Sorry about that, all!

The doc is too big to attach here, but hope my explanation is clear. Thanks! I do enjoy Affinity products!

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