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My wife is having the same issue but on a Windows PC.

Earlier versions of her file will load but the latest simple causes Publisher to shut down with no error messages.

There are a lot of images in the file so it could be the overall file size but Publisher doesn't give any warnings about this.


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Hi again.

I have uploaded the file.

After reporting the problem I started to wonder if it was my PC as it is a bit old so my wife installed AP on her much newer laptop instead but the same problem occurred. However, after loading and reloading the file several times, we eventually got it going. It seemed fine for awhile but then crashed again during editing. Even just scrolling through the pages of the file caused it to crash seemingly at random. We have gone back to trying the PC and we can eventually get it to load up without crashing on that as well but it still crashes on that occasionally too.

Just as a side note. We also found what appears to be a bug with partially transparent images. If you have an image with a transparent background over the top of another image, it actually causes the image underneath to be brightened wherever the transparency area of the top image is touching it. You don't see it on the screen but it certainly shows up when you either print it on paper or send it to a PDF file. It shows up on screen when you view the PDF. You will notice this on the cover page of the file I have uploaded at the bottom-left of the cow picture.



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