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Hi there,

I am currently working on a project in Affinity Designer. Somehow, since a week, the app is very slow.

If I draw a line with the vector brush tool, it takes about 8 seconds for the app to process and display the line (see attached video file).

I've tried the following:

- restarting the app

- restarting the iPad several times

- disconnect and reconnect the Apple pencil

- checked if everything is up to date in the App Store

- whether the iPad is charging, charged 100% or detached from a charger: it reacts the same

- the Apple pencil is fully charged


Other drawing programs such as Procreate are working perfectly, so it's nothing to do with the iPad or the Apple Pencil. The app is somehow crashing all the time.

It's been like this for five days now, without any changes.


Hopefully you can help me with this!

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Hi Lonneke,

Does this happen on a new document or just the one shown in the screen recording?

On the Home screen of Designer, do you have a lot of documents loaded there?  If so, make sure you've saved them, then close them from the Home screen and try working on your document in the screen recording again and let me know the results.

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Thank you for your reply! :)

It does not happen in a new document, just the one shown in the screen recording.
I had about 12 documents on the Home screen of Designer, so I took your advice and saved them and closed them from the Home screen.

Unfortunately, it didn't help. :( 
(see attached: new screen recording)


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