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Hello again,

I'm still testing a lot of functionality of AfPhoto, and trying to understand how the layer and place document work.

I love the fact that resizing / transform of a layer doesnt alter the content like a sort of smart layer.

I like too that you can place document inside document and have a live preview of the modification.

I dont like that i cant warp / perspective change the embedded document without rasterizing it, it make the template/mockup workflow change undoable in the application for me.

But i really like to have some clarification on how it work to understand how the placement and copy of an already placed document work. Does AfPhoto create a instance of the original file or it's a dynamic link ?

It look like an instance because i can have different version of the same file inside another document, and editing the original file doesnt modify the composition, but modifying in the composition the file (with edit document button when the layer is selected) does modify all "copy of this version of the file"

screenshoot : the embedded document is the same, i imported it a first time, and copyed it (alt + move). Then i modify the original document, and import it again. if i edit document on one of the two small version (the first imported and copied ones) the modification are the same for both. if i edit the big blue one (second importation), the modification are only applied to itself (to me it say it's an instance not a dynamic link)

If its effectively a instance, is it possible to create a dynamic link ? (another procedure / workflow ?)


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Each time a document is Placed it does result in another instance of the file, even if the same document is used. As you can edit each one independent of the other apart from if you use the duplicate function on one/more. Editing one will auto update the original/other duplicates of the same file.

Photo doesn't have the option of changing these to a linked file/dynamic link. If you haven't already, it'll be worth posting this in the Feature Requests section for the develops to see, you never know, it may become a future feature.

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