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Expand Stroke v2. Affinity mods deliberately lie?

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So the mod locked Expand Stroke post, and posted some "ultra legit" results of CorelDRAW and Illustrator in comparison as a final word. So here's a video where I doodle in Affinity Designer, try to expand the stroke then copy the same thing to Ilustrator and expand it.

Just doing my part, exposing your lies and lack of responsibility.


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Here is the test curve svg - the first curve I created. Try for yourself, there is no lying (obviously - why on Earth would there be?) and the results are the results I showed.


And what exactly is the point of you trying Affinity Designer 1.7 when we've acknowledged the problem and I clearly labelled the results I showed as being from Affinity Designer 1.8 Beta.

Many thanks for your input,


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