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Weird colour in DxO PhotoLab generated tiffs opened in Affinity Photo

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I don’t know whether I am doing something wrong or what is going on. My problem: convert a raw file in DxO PL2 (doesn’t matter whether it is a Canon or (old, non-X-trans) Fuji. The tiff is exported as 8 bit and sRGB. If I open these tiffs in Photoshop Elements 2019, they are fine. If I open with Affinity, the colours are weird and grossly over-saturated. This is almost the reverse of the known issue with Viveza and Affinity. If I process the raws in Affinity, the colour closely matches what I get from PhotoLab. (The colour rendering in Affinity of Canon raws converted to tiffs in Canon DPP, and of Fuji raws converted to tiff in Fuji/Silkypix, is not problematic).


I have now discovered that this only happens when I open a tiff by browsing to the file within Affinity.  If I use the “Export to application” command in PhotoLab, and choose Affinity Photo this way, the program opens and displays the colour correctly!


I have discovered that I’d got the RGB Colour Profile set to ROMM RGB in error. Presumably launching AP from within DxO causes the program to display the tiff as sRGB, but opening AP and then opening the file causes it to display as ROMM.

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If Affinity Photo detects an embedded colour profile in a document, it will open with that profile applied. I'd check when you're exporting your images from PhotoLab which colour profile is being included just to make sure it's the correct one. I haven't used PhotoLab but it sounds like that uses sRGB by default and if you tell it to export an image to another app it includes the sRGB profile.

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