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I've brought this up a few times on the forums, but (and I'm getting desperate here) pleeeease add Dissolve to the Blend Modes list for layers and brushes - pretty pretty please! :61_sob:

The tedious workarounds to achieve this effect simply aren't the same, and not nearly as effective.
Dissolve is the easiest way to turn any, otherwise normal, brush into an amazing textural experience, and was one of the most used features for me in Photoshop.
Dissolve played such a big role in my work that I've had to adapt my style completely after switching to Affinity, and I miss it dearly.

I even took the time to record this little screen recording I'm working on to show why it works so well in Photoshop (just watch at 2x speed to save time): https://youtu.be/pywfxxuXaCc
All I used in the video was a plain old, run-of-the-mill soft/feathered brush, but with Dissolve set as the blend mode. As you can see, it instantly becomes a magnificent texturing machine which has SO many practical applications, especially in creating digital illustrations. I've also seen it used excessively by some really big names in the creative industry, such as Matt Taylor (http://www.matttaylor.co.uk) and Studio Muti (https://studiomuti.co.za), just to name two heavy-hitters.

I can't imagine it being very difficult to add another blend mode to the list, and I've been checking for new beta's daily hoping that dissolve made the list of added features. 

Please add it, for me, for others, and even for this poor, misunderstood zombie dude who would have been lacking a lot of gritty shading if I had painted him in Affinity without dissolve. 



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For what it's worth, if you guys can sort out the stylus input and pressure accuracy: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/93763-whole-pixels/

...add dithering to your soft brushes: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/96579-soft-brush-banding/

...and add Dissolve as a blend more, I'm willing to put time aside to create a full custom illustration just for Affinity to say thank you, which you can do with as you please. Heck, I'll even release the working file if you want. :) You're welcome to screenshot this comment and hold me to it! :4_joy:
I so badly want to use Affinity software 100% of the time, but these key features/issues are making it really difficult to make a full switch, because they all have a significant impact on workflow as well as the final appearance of the work. 

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