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Bugs with styles and adding styles to a category

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On AD .445 (because some bugs prevent me to use last versions), it's impossible to add a second style with a stroke of a different width, and the only solution is to add a new category to save this style.

But there's another bug: I tried again today — why not? another day, another AD behaviour?! — to add another stroke with a different width and a different pressure curve, and this actions deleted all styles from the 2 previous categories with styles of the same ilk!!!!

Going back in the history or reopening the file didn't restored the styles in those categories.


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Hi Wosven,

We're aware of the first issue you mentioned, however we've never heard of it 'deleting' styles. In your screenshot the search field does have the letter 'a' in it, so it appears as though you may just filtered out the styles. Removing the 'a' should display them.

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11 hours ago, Wosven said:

Oh damn! I'm not a morning person… And I need more coffee to open my eyes  before complaining about bugs :D

Sorry @Sean P, I never search the styles, and didn't think about it.

No worries! I'm just pleased that was the problem and you haven't lost your styles :) 

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