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Loupe inadvertently activated

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I'm not sure when this issue returned, I've just been dealing with it. There used to be an issue where if you tried to make a slow deliberate stroke with certain tools, the eyedropper or loupe would come up as you "painted". A few versions back, this was fixed. Now it's back and annoying as ever. In my particular case, when I use the healing brush to carefully diminish lines, the loupe comes up and makes it hard for me to see the path I'm trying to follow. This once again brings up the issue of the modifier keys and why we need them as I believe if the modifier keys were added onscreen persistently, you could change the behavior of some of these tools so they don't require a long press, which I think is what Photo is registering these long deliberate strokes as. If the modifier keys were added, the behavior of these tools could more closely mimic the behavior on desktop and these inadvertent "switches" could be avoided. Please give us proper modifier keys on screen...all the time. Not everyone wants to use a physical keyboard with iPad. Thanks for your consideration.

iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen/Mac Mini, in that order

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Noticed this same issue when using the gradient tool. Using the pencil if I hesitate just a second it picks a colour and negates the gradient tool.  

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