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Inconsistent behavior - bezier curves, rotation, and dragging to move

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I'm trialling Designer as a replacement for Illustrator. I'm having trouble with some inconsistent behavior - it works normally for a while, then the behavior of some functions changes. I am not sure if I'm accidentally changing settings somehow, or if the program is partially crashing / needs more ram, or something else is going on.

Functions that seem to be lost after maybe twenty minutes of working:

  • When creating a path with the pen tool, click and drag doesn't create bezier curves when creating a new node
  • Selected items will not rotate
  • Selected items cannot be dragged to move them, only nudged

Restarting the program restores original functionality.

I'm still learning the shortcuts so I don't know if it's possible I'm accidentally changing a setting by keying in an incorrect shortcut, but I suspect the issue is either due to insufficient memory or a bug.

I'm running Windows 10 with 4gb of ram, using a wacom tablet. The tablet is an old Intuos 3 but has been working normally. The laptop is admittedly slow despite being only a year old - I'm trying to figure out if it is capable of running design software or if I need to replace my desktop that just died.

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Hi TracyD and Welcome to the Forums,

How does it perform without the tablet attached? I have seen some slow downs which seem to related to a tablet (but i think they also involved screen recording at the same time).  Be interesting to see if the same happens if you use the mouse/trackpad :) without the tablet connected.

Also can you attach a sample file or upload one here , as that may help in trying to replicate the problem :) 

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Thanks for the suggestion to unplug the tablet - I gave it a try today but the issue did not resolve when I unplugged the tablet. I then tried using the trackpad to move the object I'd been trying to move, which also did not work. I tried plugging the tablet back in, which still didn't work, and unplugged it again. The program froze up completely after that (grayed out / nonresponsive) and the computer crashed and rebooted.

I suspect this is a memory problem with my computer because Firefox has also been running slowly, but just in case I've attached the file that's been crashing.

WASP cleanup.afdesign

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