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Hi guys, Could you please help? Look every time I design something in Affinity after I export it, it is blurry. Do you please know why it came out blurry? 

For example I design a pattern and I export it as PNG, JPEG, it came out very blurry. Is this normal? or how can I keep  the vector quality not blurry?

Is there a way to fix that please because when  see vector design, they are very clean and not blurry.  

Is this cause of the sizes?  The document is 8 x 8 inches?


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socialconnection, what resolution are you making the export and document?  By going to PNG or JPEG you are rasterizing the image at the resolution selected.  As with a picture if this isn't enough resolution it will have jagged lines that will look blurred.  There are a couple things that can be done depending on what you are using the image for.  You can increase the resolution of the image, say to 300 dpi.  Or switch to a non rasterized output type like SVG or EPS.  I hope this helps.

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It would help to have your .afdesign or .afphoto file, so we can look at it in detail. Otherwise we can only guess.


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