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1.7 introduced "tab" to hide UI bug

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In previous versions I could use TAB to toggle away the panels and tools - which was useful in full-screen demonstrations or screen recordings .. I could show the full image without tools / UI in the way


Now in 1.7 the first TAB takes everything away - great.


But TAB again doesn't bring them back and I have to re-enable 3 vows:

 * view - studio - unhide studio

 * show tools

* show context toolbar

and maybe another one


when not in full screen mode this toggling is ok , the bug happens when clicking that macOS "green button" window decorator to go full screen ... 

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Hey tariq,

TAB should only temporarily hide the UI elements—not disable them. It sounds like when you enter full-screen, those settings are being disabled and do not come back with TAB?

I've tried and failed to reproduce this. Would you mind doing a screen recording so I can see exactly what is going wrong?

Thanks :) 

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