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Wrapping now ok -- almost

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I just checked how text wrapping is implemented in the latest beta ( and it seems to be working now mostly as expected.

Now the z-order is considered only when multiple text frames have text wrap set on (then the text frame higher in z-order wraps ones that are lower in z-order), as below at lower part the blue text frame wraps text in green one and green wraps text it violet one. Also, a text frame that is lowest in z-order can wrap text in frames that are higher in z-order, if those frames do not have text wrap set (as below the blue frame that flows text to green frame).

In addition, setting text frame to ignore wrap does no longer remove the text frame's own wrapping capability (blue text frame under orange circle ignores text wrapping but still wraps text in the green frame because it has wrap setting turned on).

And graphic objects simply wrap wherever they are in z-order if they have wrap setting turned on, provided that a text frame is not set to ignore wrap.

But look at the second blue text frame. It has text wrap set on, as has the first blue text frame, and it is on top of the first blue frame. It is correct that the text in the second blue frame does not wrap text in the first one (as the first one ignores wrapping), but then the first blue frame should not wrap text in the second blue frame, either, because the second blue frame is on top of the first one, and both text frames have text wrap turned on.


This is how the same objects work in InDesign:


I have included both .afpub and an .idml file so that this can easily be tested and compared.



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