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Hi abysan,

I've just been trying this myself with both Hungarian keyboard set in Windows and using the on-screen keyboard. Are you using a mouse or tablet? If you're using a tablet, do you still get the same behaviour with a mouse and clicking on the on screen keyboard. Also do you still get the same issue if you use a physical keyboard rather than the on screen one?

Would it be possible for you to reproduce the crash and then straight after go to %AppData%\Affinity\Designer\ and zip up and attach a copy of the 1.0 folder using the link below.

Lastly what other applications do you have running at the same time, that could be interfering - any things like little system utilities etc? I see you have the Radeon Overlay, if you try closing these things one by one do you still keep getting the crash?


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Sorry I didn't noticed your reply.

I just visualised the C button cause this, not the virtual keybord. It's happening with keyboard+mouse button.

I disabled my radeon overlay but still crashing.

My assistant was on state. Maybe that's the reason? I don't know, but I uploaded my appdata.

Thank you

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Hi Abysan,

Thanks for the AppData, I have now reproduced it with this. I can see that in Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts under the Pixel Persona > Select menu dropdown you have set 'C' to Select Sampled Color.

These options look to be missing from the Windows menu, but available in the shortcut list. In the meantime if you remove that shortcut it will stop crashing for you!

I'll get that passed on to development.

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