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Enable Transform Origin Bug

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When enabling "Enable Transform Origin" from the context toolbar when using the Move Tool, the centerpoint of the object jumps around when creating new selections (often times right off the edge of the canvas/artboard), instead of defaulting back to the centre of the new selections. Basically if you create a new selection, the origin point should always be set back to the centre of the new selection. A bit tricky to explain, but hopefully that makes sense - let me know if I need to elaborate more. 

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Hi ChristiduToit,
Do you mind recording a video clip or list the steps you are taking to trigger this issue? If you change to one of the selection tools the Enable Transform Origin marker should simply dissapear while you create the new selection. Maybe I misunderstood your post or am I missing something?

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I think there might be a slight misunderstanding. 
It's really straight forward, but a bit tricky to explain in words. Basically when "Enable Transform Origin" is on, the center/origin rotation point jumps around to strange areas every time I create a new selection, instead of just defaulting to the center of that new selection. Often times this rotation point will even jump way off of the artboard, in which case I need to zoom far out to just to find where it is, and then drag it back to where it's meant to be.

I've recorded a quick screen cap to show you what I mean.
You can see that it's in the center at the start, but when I make a new selection it jumps to a totally different spot every time.



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