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AD: Crash on Export ( each friggin time!)

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I have tried to contact you guys, have sent emails and still have not received any support on these matters.


Ever since version 1.0 the program keeps crashing on me when I export via Persona's to use the Retina option.


I check the X1 and x2 boxes and tell it where to save the export. It will crash each and every time.

The only option I have to get anything exported is via the regular export function which does not support retina resolutions.

Can you PLEASE fix this or just return me my money, this is getting ridiculously bad in support !


If you want a log of the crash, I will send it after you reply to me !





A very pissed-off customer

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I've not been able to replicate your issue. I can see here that you reported this issue back in May and Tony replied with the following: 


"Works here so I guess it's specific to your file or environment. Does this happen on all designs you export? If it is one particular file then can you post it here or send to support@seriflabs.com"


Does it happen with a particular document or all documents?

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HI Leigh,



It happens randomly and with various types of documents.


Mostly when there are pixel based items in the document as well like a high res photo.

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I'm sorry about the trouble this is causing.


Can you attach (or link to a dropbox file) one of those files that are crashing consistently for you?

I'm not able to replicate this and there's no way to fix the issue if we can't reproduce it/make it go wrong/crash.


If this is a widespread bug your file will make any system (or systems with a similar config) crash too. 

Can you also provide your system specs so we can try your file in a similar machine here?



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