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Curve to selection - loose curve.

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the software, (buy it this week) ans i find something that disrupt my workflow a lot, i know i can workaround with duplicate layer etc, but i cant understand why this is the default behavior.

If you have a shape or a text that you convert to curve, (or simply a curve) and use the curve to selection button, you loose your curve. the curve layer disappear completely.

Can i change anything in the configuration / assistant to prevent that behavior ? i want to keep my curve layer, not remove it each time i want to create a selection from it.


Thx in advance 

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Hi zedrone,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
There's no way to prevent this behaviour however if you press cmd on Mac (ctrl on Windows) and click the object/text thumbnail in the Layers panel Affinity also creates a selection from its contents.

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I'm aware of the Ctr + click on the thumbnail, but this doesnt work for a simple curve traced with the Pen Tool  (it doesnt create any selection), it work for curve from texts and curve from polygons. If i want it to work for the curve i need to add a fill to the curve i just traced, one more step in a process i will do a lot.

The real question is WHY  deleting the curve layer when i just ask for a selection, the behavior doesn't really make sens to me.



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Hi zedrone,
The Mask and Selection buttons transform/convert the selected curve/object into a mask or a selection respectively - they don't generate one from it. That's how they were designed to work. A few users already requested to keep the original objects as well. I'm filling an improvement request for this. It's then up to the dev team to decide if/when implement it. Thanks for your feedback.

Regarding adding a fill to the curve (to get a selection from it when using ctrl with the Layers panel), you don't have to add it every time you draw a curve with the Pen Tool. Tick Use Fill in the context menu for the Pen Tool to create filled curves.

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