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When I save a style, it doesn't get reapplied the same way it was saved.

I wouldn't say it's random, but it's certainly not consistent with expectations.  It looks like it might be based on the size of the object/layer it is being applied to.

For instance, I saved this Bevel/Emboss effect with a Radius of 10 px.  It shows pixels as the default measurement, and I chose a pixel radius (important because it does not show a percentage value by default, so it shouldn't apply a percentage value by default).  When I apply this style in other places, it's all over the place.  It's usually a decimal, 19.1, 15.7, 12.3, 3.1.  That leads me to believe it's making bad assumptions based on a percentage of some irrelevant thing.

I would expect when I save a value, that value should be applied.  In my case, the value I set is the right value in the several places I need to use the style.  However, I need to open up the effect and reset the value almost every place I apply it, because Photo arbitrarily changes the value.  I've tried this with the "Scale with Object" box checked and unchecked, and it screws with the value either way.  If there's a setting to prevent this behavior, I don't know where it is, but I would also call it a bug for this to be set as a default behavior.



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