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XP-Pen Artist Pro 15.6 Support

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Hey there.  I've been doing some moderate troubleshooting with this tablet and Affinity Photo.  Both are at latest versions as of this post.  I've discovered that many of the functions in AP don't work very well at all with this tablet.  Significant brush stroke lagging, shape drawing is super glitchy, and quite a few other nuisance things.  

I cannot replicate these issues in other software (which shall remain nameless lol) so my best guess is that it has to do with how AP is handling tablet support.  I've found the issues to be significant enough that they make AP unusable outside of some very basic tasks.

I'm very hopeful that support for various tablets can be solved fairly quickly as I'd really love to move ahead with using AP for some heavier lifting than basic photo tasks.



In the case of this tablet, I've found that turning OFF high precision mode in the AP preferences solves much of the problems I was having.  I'm curious what the point that mode is though.

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Hey Tobias.VFX,

I believe we will eventually remove the High Precision tablet input at some point. It seems to cause lag for most people/devices. It is also my understanding that we will have another go at high precision input in the future but I don't know any details yet.

So your best bet, for now, is to just keep that setting disabled until it meets its demise. 

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