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Terrible brush support, can't import brushes and messed up textures

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I bought affinity in the hopes of being able to continue some projects on the go, but unfortunately it seems that nearly none of my existing abr brush sets are compatible. Of the 21 brush packs below, only 7 will even import. And then of those 7 any brush with a texture has a weird horizontal banding effect. Guessing which brushes will import also seems to be random. The BOKTUP.abr attached won't import and it's literally just hard round and soft round brushes.


I tried a couple things, from reinstalling the app to upgrading to IpadOS and none of them solved the issue. Leaving this here in the hopes that in the future brush support can be improved.


Subtle Grain Brushes.abr


0 MH 8B Brushes.abr











Pixelstains Canvas Textured Brushes.abr

Pixelstains Ink Brushes.abr

Pixelstains Wear and Tear Brushes.abr

Pixelstains Wear and Tear Tools.tpl




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Hi k_rusci, welcome to the Affinity Forums.

Unfortunately, the recent update to Affinity broke .abr import and the developers are working towards fixing this. This is entirely our fault and you are doing nothing wrong and I am extremely sorry your early experience with us is not a positive one.

We can also look into the brushes with textures not appearing correctly (I believe we already have a few examples logged). Can you recall where the majority of the broken texture brushes are from?

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I work with architecture drawing and I bought yesterday both Photo/Designer.

I just needed to use some ABR. brushes on my IPAD but I have this import issue.
It's a really simple brush, it's like a Stamp. Like Trees and silhouette of people. There is someway of converting thoose ABR. files so I don't need to wait the bug correction?


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