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Hi there,

Keep on coming up against this one and whilst it's not a showstopper or anything like that it can throw you for a few seconds sometimes.

When copying a layer from say a larger resolution document to a lower resolution one a lot of the time (not always - not sure exactly how things are pasting?) the pasted layer will be outside of the current pasteboard area so you can't see what you've just pasted. Would be nice if perhaps the visible content of the pasted layer were centred in the new document so you can see where it's gone straight away?

Many thanks,



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On 9/1/2019 at 3:10 AM, Catshill said:

View > Clip to canvas (untick?)

Not available in Photo and acts as if always enabled.

I agree that pasted items which would otherwise be outside the document's boundaries should be re-positioned inside of the boundaries (whether actually centered or not) in order to be visible upon creation.  This should always happen in Photo, and should also happen in Designer and Publisher when Clip to Canvas is enabled.

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