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Text Path seems locked but isn't; how to select it? Symbol pasted as text along curved paths

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My file has a bunch of paths of rectangles. I cannot seem to select a path or a group of rectangles along the path now.
Is part of the problem that I have grouped ALL my black rectangles — I want to be able to grab the lowest, left-most BLACK path and change the arc upwards, away from the flower border.

I set this up weeks ago as a rectangle symbol pasted as text. I was able to use the text tool and highlight the path, or click-drag along the path-line to change the arc. But now I cannot seem to do that, nor select the path at all.  What am I doing wrong?       

Also, if there's a tutorial on managing layers and groups — could I be doing it better? 

Thank you! I'm loving aspects of Designer, but being new to an app. IS SO uncomfortable. There are moments though when I'm just WOWED at the potential once I can navigate with more familiarity.




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A small suggestion:  Use the 'Layers' tab from the right side and you can make specific selections including single members of a group.

pick from group.jpg

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Thanks for that! It appears as though the detection hitbox for this object is a little lower than expected - 

If you're ever struggling to find an object in the layers panel, with this object selected you can right-click the object and select Find in Layers Panel or alternatively use the Keyboard shortcut CTRL/CMD + K :)

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