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Trouble with exporting .svg from Designer to use with Cricut Design Space. HELP

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Good morning to everyone.  This is my first post and I have to start off by saying this message board has been a breathe of fresh air from the time I stumbled upon it from a google search.  I am super excited to really explore the entire Affinity community and family of products.

I am currently working with a design that my business partner made for me in Illustrator that I have opened in Design.  The svg opens fine in Designer and scale and everything is perfect.  The problem I am having is when trying to open the same svg file within Cricut Design Space.  It is opening distorted, the wrong size, and even a few colors aren't picking up.  From what I have read there seems to be a number of problems with this and I have yet to be able to figure it out.  I have uploaded files if anyone is able to help I greatly appreciate it.  I have found a work around to get my project complete but would love to know what settings to design in (business partner uses Illustrator and I use both Illustrator and Designer-hoping to drop Adobe and their subscriptions soon).  Any help is appreciated.

This is what the design looks like in Illustrator:2023267839_ScreenShot2019-08-25at2_09_46PM.thumb.png.80525d64060ea96dc5d620723f77c2ae.png

This is what it looks like when I import it into Designer on my ipad: IMG_A1E9EA605393-1.thumb.jpeg.997a6f6477c5b7c41dd81e5922f93453.jpeg

This is what it looks like on the upload screen in Cricut Design Space (the Pink heart is lost/distorted)315100731_ScreenShot2019-08-26at11_41_24AM.thumb.png.fd905fb5e6c811a33909ec4399a51dde.png

This is what it looks like once in Cricut Design Space (not only is the pink heart gone/distorted) but now the layered colors (pink/teal) are both the same size smh.228128302_ScreenShot2019-08-26at11_41_43AM.thumb.png.ea6f1e356572f6fde8fb84c10f2bdde3.png



1st Grade Tee Front 2.svg

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Hi lrjones84 and Welcome to the Forums,

From looking at the SVG file, i'd of expected that to of uploaded to Cricut Design Space without issue.  The distortion should be easily fixed by disabling 'set view box' on the Export options.  When your on the Export screen, click on More and uncheck Set Viewbox.  

The missing parts are a bit more difficult.  Could you attach the .afdesign file for this design, so i can see how it's been put together and work out why they don't it.

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