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License Management

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Hi Affinity/Serif,

I really do appreciate your licensing model (= no subscription) but tracking those licenses in a business-environment is
tricky since the Affinity-Applications do not give a hint which license key is installed on this or that system.
(All I found is the checkbox in the Settings-panel regarding transmission of diagnostic data showing the eMail-Address..)

I know, proper license-management is job of the IT-Dept. and I also know, that you offer licensing for business.

But I still think it is useful for small and medium-sized businesses (esp. growing ones..)
to have some unique-ID shown in the Software to identify installed licenses.

My work-around at the moment is to create an email-Alias-address for each License we purchase. (e.g. Affinity1@... Affinity2@ ...)

Perhaps there is a smarter way?
(how about 3 parameters?  an eMail-Address (shown) 1:n linked to a License ID (shown) linked 1:1 uniquely to a License-Key (hidden)? )

kind regards

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