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Hi, I'd like to ask you what is the purpose of showing the "none" colour the way of white colour when the Brush tool in Pixel Persona is selected. It is often confusing when I'm gonig to draw something hith white colour but the brush is not painting at all. Then I see, by comparing the colour selector and colour sliders, that there is difference and not consistancy, what means I had to sellect "none" colour before (often repeated when comming from Designer Persona to Pixel Persona with none colour in selector). I guess it would be better to indicate the none statement with red diagonal line as usual.

The same for Affinity Photo.

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 10.21.08.png

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Maybe better solution (taken from the other side) – completely remove the ability of drawing the "none" colour with the Brush tool. But then.. sliders and colour selector must be synchronized. Practically – by activating Brush tool in Pixel Persona with "none" in sellector, the sellector and sliders change to white colour.

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