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Relative path for resources (Feature Request)

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Hi support & forum,
I use the cloud for collaborate work.
The problem with linked resource: On other machine, the path will not match and we have to relink each resource.

So currently I can't find a solution to use linked file in collaborate work, because the link is absolut!

Would be great to could set «path relative from current file».

Currently I can only link resources «absolute»:

The path is clickable but not changeable:

Would be great to change link-path to relative:
Maybe if this could change (path editable) of our own: with (os x) 2 dots and slash, for «from current file -> one directory down and then ...» -> go to (E.g.) directory «Media» and use the file «Image.png» within.


This would make it possible

  • to use the linked resource also on other machines.
  • to simplify the use of new directory-structure. 
  • to move old projects to other destinations (external drive/cloud/...).
  • ...

Maybe there is such a solution, but I can't find it.
If anybody has a hint or work-around, I would love it ;o))

Otherwise Feature-Request: I'm sure, to use a relative path would help a lot of «professionals» to work more with an ease.




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