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[Fixed] Printing issues with Publisher – another approach

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Hi there,

I've seen many topics on  Affinity Publisher Printing Issues, most of them talk about DPI and PPI as well as bad print quality. If you want to learn about DPI and PPI, you can take a look to "James Ritson – Understanding DPI" in an Affinity Spotlight, it's very good and understandable.

I encountered some problems too, but after some investigation I can say that the DPI-Settings in Document Settings are not the culprit for those issues. I'm a professional designer and use  Affinity Publisher to create Layouts as well as PDFs for Print Productions, and all that works fine. If you stay with the default document setting of 300 DPI, you can produce high quality layouts and PDFs.


Our Layoutprints are done with an XEROX 7750, an A3 color laser and the colormanagement runs with ColorSync where we use custom ICC profiles for Linearzation and Colormatching, made with i1 Profiler. We use macs running 10.14 mojave. This workflow is stable and controlled with constant results. This Laser prints with 1200dpi mad makes about 150 LPI, which simulates standard offset printing correctly in terms of color and offset rastering. There is no RIP, we print directly to the printer. With Indesign and Acrobat as well as with other softwares, all works fine. For that reason, I can say: Its not the printer or the RIP.

When printing directly from Affinity Publisher, we encounter all the time some "blurring" specially of  typography. We made some tests, first with some labels, then with the "Manga-Layout". Let's take a look to the labels. The label on the left is directly printed from an Affinity Publisher document, the other one on the right is printed with an exported PDF (from that file using PDFlib+PDI 9.1.2p1-i (OS X/macOS) out of ACROBAT. In terms of color no problems. But you can clearly see the blur of the typo (NO pathtext) on the left side. Both prints are done under matching conditions (driver/settings/paper):


The one on the right side is correct, the LEFT print directly out of  Affinity Publisher is not. Typo is blurred, but surprisingly other elements not. Colors are good.

Lets take a look to the second test. We made a quick layout, prepared a somewhat logo on Designer and an image with transparent background in Photo, a gradient as back, and the logo as placed PDF. Same export as PDF, using PDFlib+PDI 9.1.2p1-i (OS X/macOS) The page on the LEFT is directly printed from an Affinity Publisher document, the other page on the right is printed with an exported PDF out of Acrobat. Here we see the same problems with blurred text, but also some quirks with the background and overlays. (dont blame me for those iphone colors ;)


This is not correct, while the colors are the same. 

My personal impression: The blurred text as well as those not properly working overlays seems to be an POSTSCRIPT issue of the internal processing unit in Affinity Publisher, I'm not sure but I think Affinity Publisher sends a rastered image to the printer instead of a PDF. Normally this works fine, you can use such a feature in Acrobat too.

Affinity Team, please take a look at that.

From far, or scaled down like this picture, you don't see the blurred typo really well, for that reason another picture, which shows that clearly. And btw that this is not an issue coming from resolution settings – dpi and raster are exactly the same, but not the typo.


So maybe you might want to reproduce that yourself at Affinity, therefore I prepared a DMG of 34 MB with the files I spoke about. Here's the link to download that:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/oa9gzou5is2vgq8/19_08_24_Affinity Publisherprint issues forum.dmg?dl=1

and the screenhots high res: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k4c0aaz4l1dqr9m/screenshots_ap-print-issue.zip?dl=0

Thanks and Cheers,


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Another issue printing on a Mac using mojave –  Affinity Publisher crashes when trying to print a rotated layout.

We juts made some business cards with vector QR codes (as symbols) and 2 cmyk-afphotos. Export of PDFs works fine, but printing out of  Affinity Publisher not. If you rotate the view clockwise, and press command-print,  Affinity Publisher immediately crashes.

Crashlog attached.


Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-19 um 09.05.59.png

Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-19 um 09.06.24.png

Affinity Publisher Crash [97150].txt

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That issue may not have anything to do with rotating an image but rather a serious printing bug in 1.7.2. You can try the 1.7.3 beta where the bug has been resolved. If it still crashes there, then you have found something new.


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