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Best workflow for book cover with spine in Publisher?

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From what I can see, there isn't currently an inbuilt way to build a book cover in publisher?

I've completed all of the content of my book, but now need to work out how create the cover in a way that could be adjusted if required.

Is the easiest approach to duplicate a master, then change the dimensions to allow for the spine in the centre, adjusting the margins location and design from there?

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I think the best approach would probably start with asking your print shop what they think.
They will be able to give you all of the correct dimensions (including bleeds etc.), tell you information about colour spaces, and whatever else they need to be able to print your work without extra hassle or worry.
They may also have some AI/PDF templates which you can import into Publisher to make things easier.

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Why not simply choose the document size back+spine+front?

And if the spine width should change (what shouldn’t happen, if you have the final page number and ask your print partner for his needs), resize the document, adapt the guide lines, select all front- respective back-elements and move it to its new place?

Should be done in less than 5 minutes.

I’ve done it always this way, because I was used to it from packaging design. (If you try working with multiple spreads in packaging design, you probably will go crazy with some hours … :))

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Doing it in a single spread can be annoying if you need to enlarge the spine (I've got some done like this, and had to add/supress 1 mm sometimes :S )

But you can test another way (I didn't used it in real workflow since APub isn't used at work, but I would do it this way):



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