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Would importing large assets take up lots of storage on my hard drive?

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I recently saw the tutorial by @Multi4G on how to use the Assets in Affinity Photo, and I was wondering the limitations of this before I go importing 26GB of paid stock images.

Would doing this
1. lag Affinity on load / on opening the assets manager?
2. clog up my hard drive storage? (my resources are stored either on USB or Dropbox)

I can't seem to find the file location on Windows where assets are stored so I'm not sure how this works.

Many thanks!

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Hi melior64,

1) I would expect some lag, as from my understanding Affinity would have to generate thumbnails for all of the images you've added to the Asset Studio, which will take some time.

2) It would take up hard drive space.  Anything you add to the Assets panel is stored in the Assets.propcol file in this location, which can't be changed:

C:\Users\YOUR PC USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\user

If you do decide to try this, i'd add them in small groups of images and not all 26GB at once, as you'll likely run out of memory importing that much data in one go.

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