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Single 43mp photo, attempting to give background more blur, crash occurred as I was painting the filter to mask certain portions..

screen went black.  

As I tried to explain during beta testing and seemed to not be acknowledge, there are problems when using some of the new functions that were not a problem in the previous 1.6.

new HDR Merge

and now New Panorama, 

and for some reasons what should be simple applications of filters.

program seems to be overwhelmed 

and I ask again, is the RAM required to use these filters and functions being released.

i recommend your products to all that listen, those that are fed up with adobe, but this new 1.7 is really disappointing.   

All of the above and others worked like a hot dam in 1.6, but now I am not pleased.

if you would like the photos, let me know so that you can use them to test for yourself   

iPad Pro (3rd gen) 12.5”, 1T, 6GB

iOS 12.4

Sony a7r3, 70-200 G lens


{%22app_name%22:%22Photo iPad%22,%22timestamp%22:%222019-08-20 22:08:37.88 -0700%22,%22app_version%22:%221.7.2%22,%22slice_uui.zip

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7 hours ago, GabrielM said:

Hi @p_mac,

Can you constantly replicate this or was it just a one-off?

Can you attach the files if it's a constant crash?



GabrielIM, I am not going to waste more time today to try to justify your response.   I have worked with this issue in the beta build both within TestFlight and this forum.   It is my feeling that I was ignored as I very carefully detailed what was happening without comment from anyone.   

As I said in the pano comment, this app has a serious problem. 

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Before my real profession, I actually wrote software, so I want to make one more comment.  I love this software, but this is what I learned way back then. 

When you sell software, creating is only a small part of the deal, the second part takes a lot more time and that is the testing of the software.  Let me make clear that this software was not in anyway the complexity of this ambition trio and I realize that sometimes things just get overlook.  Hell sometimes it takes Apple months to make sure that things are working and boom, it doesn't.  

But in my experience and my boss's philosophy being something like the following, I learned that before we can sell software one has to anticipate that any idiot will do many idiotic things to our software and we have to make sure that it does not crash, or we need stop them from doing the idiotic thing.

So I sent you crash reports, obviously this idiot did something that AP didn't like and to have your reply be,  

"Can you constantly replicate this or was it just a one-off?

Can you attach the files if it's a constant crash?"

seems to put the onus on the consumer, my boss always put the onus on the us. Somewhere you made the comment about it's not all about RAM, ... but when something was doing a process flawlessly and then, (read your comments), it's not, Nottingham, you have a problem.  

The fact is, the software crashed, now it is your deal to look through the reports to see if you can figure out why it crashed.  

I am worried that if this software continues to be a real problem, it will turn people, as my boss would say to find something that works.  

I don't want that to happen to Affinity.

So that is my rant for today, I guess that you can tell that I am not happy, but I needed to say this and then let it go.  


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