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Four image pano, very long time to create pano, same long time to complete render, cropping, extremely slow, save, long spinning ball, finally saved.  Reopen to fill small areas of transparency, 


iPad Pro (3rd gen) 12.5”, 1T, 6GB

iOS 12.4

Sony a7r3, 70-200 G lens

{%22app_name%22:%22Photo iPad%22,%22timestamp%22:%222019-08-20 21:34:56.67 -0700%22,%22app_version%22:%221.7.2%22,%22slice_uui.zip

{%22app_name%22:%22Photo iPad%22,%22timestamp%22:%222019-08-20 21:49:56.31 -0700%22,%22app_version%22:%221.7.2%22,%22slice_uui.zip

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4 images loaded to New Pano.

Press Stitch - took~ 2 minutes

1. Press OK - ~2 minutes, then white screen flash, now in render mode

2. Render line - at ~ 3 minutes 25 seconds 

3. render line restarted - at ~4 minutes

4. 2/3 processed - at ~6 minutes 

5. 3/4 process - at ~7 minutes 13 seconds

6. final image produced - at ~7 minutes 50 seconds

steps 2.. To 6.  time was almost 8 minutes

The entire process 1. to 6. time was almost 10 minutes   

now timeline is ~12 minutes

Render was really good, 

initially there was no stalling but when I tried the normal tapping to see render areas, the app became extremely unresponsive.  

Pressed Crop Tool. No changes made in render areas at all.

AP went into Render again - for 5 minutes 

finally was in cropping mode, app was completely unusable, stalling, jumping, 

Finally for some reason AP jumped into Persona.  Noticed that a crop had been applied, not what I wanted and could not go back so this definitely happened in the render mode.

Selection - select  transparent 

tried to grow by 20px. 


so is this a on-off, no, as in 1.6 I was able to stitch 7 - 43mp image pano from start to finish in, without lagging, crashing, etc, minutes.

Hopefully the zipped package of photos and images will upload.   And they didn’t, upload error..








{%22app_name%22:%22Photo iPad%22,%22timestamp%22:%222019-08-21 09:22:26.52 -0700%22,%22app_version%22:%221.7.2%22,%22slice_uui.zip

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Here is the rest of the images and video.  

I have reproduces what the I stated initially and didn’t get to the extent of the first point.   

After reading the other reports, I would say this app has serious problems with memory allocation.  

As far as the New HDR Merge I detailed the problems within TestFlight. 



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Posted (edited)

Finally able to upload the last image and video to show you just how unacceptable New Panorama is.  

Again this was the same process that I explained to you yesterday, however, it crash before it crashed yesterday.  it was so unresponsive that I could not open the filter menu to apply the Fill filter.  Notice also I have included a screenshot of the white flash that you will see in the video.  So you wanted the entire story so here it is




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