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Import eps/pdf files > gradient not imported correctly

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Hey there,

I am using Publisher now for some weeks and get really into it. A great plus is the not-lagging experience on large files I knew from Ado... 

A week ago I started a print project with Publisher and I have to set Logos from an agency. So I import the .eps files I need. But there is an error in importing the gradient used in this logo.

Open the file in Affinity Designer shows the same bug. Open the files in Adobe Illustrator everything seems okay.

For a self try I exported the files to .pdf, older versions of .eps to .svg but everywhere the bug (and on older versions of eps new bugs...) is still there. Copy paste from Illustrator to Publisher/Designer works often but in this special case not. Same bug result :-( 
What also is confusing to me is the fact, that the color also seems changing. You can see it on the attached image. The right gradient seems lighter than the original left one!?... Confusing :(

I don't want to use png files in a high quality product also in case of possible cmyk color problems. Has somebody an idea how to fix this or how to make a workaround?

Thanks a lot!


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Can I clarify the main differences here, just to make sure I'm on the right track with what I'm looking at.

The main thing I see is that we don't seem to be importing the hard line in the gradient, making the gradient appear more "smoothed". I'm seeing a vague difference in the colour, but haven't looked into what values are being imported yet

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I think the main difference is the gradient change when importing. I havent checked colors after importing on detail, but them seems changing a little.

Thanks a lot

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