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Aleksandar Kovač

Bugs and phantom objects (u-huh!) when transforming a pinned line

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(oh, I posted in the wrong forum again, I do beg a pardon, this should be in Publisher Bugs)

Affinity Publisher 1.7.2:

  1. In a fresh Master page create a text frame and add some text to it. Deselect text frame.
  2. Take Pen Tool and make a line on the page. Cut it (Cmnd-X) and paste it in the text frame made before.
  3. Go to regular page that uses this Master page. The text is there and the line is there. Everything is nice in the layers palette, too.
  4. Go back to Master page, select the pinned line and transform it (scale or rotate is fine)
  5. Bug (?) 1: Pinned line that was transformed in master page did not transform in regular page.
  6. Go back to Master page. Select that pinned line and cut it out from the text frame. Paste it anywhere on the page.
  7. On the regular page's Layer palette, check the Master layer: Bug (?) 2:  Non-existing line is still listed in Layers palette but hidden and it cannot be un-hidden. Strangely, the curve is not there on Master page.
  8. You can continue adding and removing vector objects homemade in Affinity Publisher into the Master page's text frame like this, and they will be added as hidden entries to Master layer on your regular page.


iMac (27-inch, Late 2009), macOS High Sierra, ATI Radeon HD 4850

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